Downloads for DLN-series USB-I2C/SPI/GPIO Interface Adapters

DLN-Series Adapters Software

 MS Windows (x86/x64)

Package Version Date Release Notes Key Features
DLN.2.0.3.exe [zip] 2.0.3 27 Dec 2013

- DLN-series devices 32-bit and 64-bit drivers were updated to use winusb library.

- Driver was updated to correctly install DLN-series devices in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

- DlnServer reached 2.0.3 version.

- reached version.

- dln.dll reached version.

- Bug fixes.

DLN.1.9.4.exe [zip] 1.9.4 17 Oct 2013

- library reached version. Added Restart() and Delay() methods to Dln.Device class.

DLN.1.9.3.exe [zip] 1.9.3 10 Sep 2013

- fixes, reached version
- Fixed PWM duty cycle issue at
- Fixed maximum reply count parameter not implemented error for DLN-4M/S adapters at I2cMaster .NET examples.

DLN.1.9.2.exe [zip] 1.9.2 19 July 2013 - Bug Fixes.
- Released version
- Release dln.dll
- Added functionality for configuring maximum reply count.
DLN.1.9.1.exe [zip] 1.9.1 16 April 2013 - Some fixes.
DLN.1.9.0.exe [zip] 1.9.0 27 March 2013 - Added DlnI2cMasterTransfer() function to dln.dll and Transfer method to I2cMaster module in .NET API.
DLN.1.8.2.exe [zip] 1.8.2 16 March 2013 - Added Spi Flash module header file;
- Fixed Gpio.Pin.Value property at;
- Fixed events handlers in some VB.NET examples.
DLN.1.8.0.exe [zip] 1.8.0 04 January 2013 - LabVIEW Instrument Driver for DLN-series adapters;
- Updates and fixes.
DLN.1.7.0.exe [zip] 1.7.0 12 October 2012 - Ready to use library, which provides DLN-series adapters functionality for .NET applications;
- C# and VB WFA examples for demonstrating API (see /Diolan/DLN/examples folder);
- Added dln_uart.h header file to avoid DlnMfc compilation error.
DLN.1.6.5.exe [zip] 1.6.5 30 May 2012 - Bug with GpioMonitor application. Pin value was not changed automatically when reconfigured;
- Fixes in DlnMfc.dll library.
DLN.1.6.4.exe [zip] 1.6.4 23 May 2012 - Fixed Dln Server Service interruption bug.
DLN.1.6.3.exe [zip] 1.6.3 11 May 2012 - New binaries for operation with I2C Master and Slave Interfaces;
- Fixed software and library bugs.
DLN.1.6.2.exe [zip] 1.6.2 20 January 2012 - Added new functions to dln.dll: DlnAdcGetSupportedResolutions, DlnAdcGetSupportedEventTypes, DlnAdcResolutionToStringA, DlnAdcEventTypeToStringA;
- Extended ADC Demo functionality, compatibility improvements with DLN-1;
- Fixed bugs.
DLN.1.6.1.exe [zip] 1.6.1 18 January 2012 - Fixed DlnGpioSetDebounce function in dln.dll library and dln_gpio.h header file;
- Deleted restricted spi_gui, spi_slave_gui and gpio_gui applications;
- Added new demo application binary and source code for GPIO module - GpioMonitor.
DLN.1.5.1.exe [zip] 1.5.1 10 January 2012 - Fixed issues with Windows 2000 compatibility.
DLN.1.5.0.exe [zip] 1.5.0 23 December 2011 - Added I2C and GPIO modules support for library for .NET development;
- New demo applications for C# and VB .NET platform;
- Improvements and bug fixes.
DLN.1.4.6.exe [zip] 1.4.6 12 September 2011 - Added library;
- Added and examples source code for SPI module;
- Added Reply Mode functionality to SPI Slave module for DLN-4S.
DLN.1.4.5.exe [zip] 1.4.5 17 August 2011 - Performance improvements for USB data transactions;
- Dln server improvements and bug fixes;
- Added MFC Dialog Components Library (DlnMfc.dll) for easy DLN modules GUI integration;
- New GUI MFC demo examples: SpiMasterFileTransfer, SpiMasterRead, SpiMasterReadWrite, SpiMasterWrite, SpiSlaveReceive;
- Added console applications: spi_master_configure, spi_master_transfer, spi_slave_configure, spi_slave_receive.
DLN.1.4.4.exe [zip] 1.4.4 20 June 2011 - Improvements and bug fixes.
DLN.1.4.0.exe [zip] 1.4.0 05 May 2011 - Added Pulse Counter module;
- Added pls_cnt_gui demo application and QT and MSVC/MFC source code;
- DLN server bug fixes;
- dln.dll library bug fixes;
- spi_slave_gui (MFC) demo application was fixed;
- get_version_gui (MFC) demo application was fixed.
DLN.1.2.0.exe [zip] 1.2.0 18 Mar 2011 - Added ADC, PWM, I2C/SPI slave modules;
- Added ADC Demo, PWM Demo, I2C Demo, SPI Demo.


Package Version Date Key Features 2.0.0 28 April 2014

Archive contains driver, dln_server and library for operating with DLN-series adapters in Linux.

Also contains some test examples.

For installation instructions read readme.linux inside archive.

Device Firmware Update

Firmware Package Latest Firmware Version Latest Release Date
fw_update.exe [zip] DLN-1 -
DLN-2 -
DLN-4M -
DLN-4S -
23 Dec 2013

DLN-2-U2C Software

DLN-2-U2C (U2C-12) Software Package

 MS Windows (x86/x64)

Package Version Date Key Features
I2CBridge.1.0.0.exe [zip] 1.0.0 12 Nov 2013

Driver was updated to correctly install DLN-2-U2C (U2C-12) device in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

Full support for x64 platform.


Package Version Date Key Features
i2c_bridge-0.2.3.tar.gz 0.2.3 8 Sep 2011

Added support for DLN-2 devices in U2C-12 compatibility mode.

DLN-2-U2C (U2C-12) Device Firmware Update

Package Latest Firmware Version Latest Release Date
u2c_fw22.exe [zip] 4.22 03 May 2012

U2C-12 Compatible Device Firmware Uploader

With the help of U2C-12 Compatible Device Firmware Uploader you can convert DLN-2 adapter to U2C-12 compatible device. For additional instructions, read U2C-12 Compatibility article.

Package Latest Firmware Version Latest Release Date
dln_2_u2c.exe DLN-2-U2C - 4.30 4 Oct 2013